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What’s Your Health Looking Like For 2018?

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January has long been extolled as the month for change. The top goal? Health. Whether that be adding muscle on, taking fat off, quitting smoking, or just eating healthier, we often all get caught up somehow in the momentum of what each new year offers. And a new year also brings new problems like a new year of health coverage premiums, prescriptions, and diagnostic co-pays.

Buuuut. Not everyone can afford health plans or meet the requirements for coverage…so now what? Here are a few ways things you can try to keep your health up during the new year if your healthcare funds are a little low:

Go Local.

  •  Start with an exam at you local low-income clinic so you know your health baseline. You don’t know what you are (or not) dealing with until you know what you are dealing with.

  • Hometown “freebies” like Open Door Clinic

Yoga-lates-Hiit-The Weights-And-Walk-It-Out.

  • Do NOT ignore the Basic Health Decree: Exercise! And because this blog is about frugality, let’s start with free resources like:

        TFW – Totally Free Workouts dot com

        Library classes

       Throw your earbuds in or grab a friend, your phone, and/or a family pet and do that oft tried and true grandma & grandpa workout: walking! πŸ™‚

       Gotta little change in you pocket? Try Fitness Blenders $6 or $10 plans on Fitnessblender Let. me. make. this. clear:  Kelli IS BEAST.
    (Try THIS free YT one on for size and report back to  me. πŸ™‚

Don’t Neglect Your Gums (or your teeth for that matter.)

  • Got any local dental school students nearby? For healthy teeth checkups and cleanings you may find the cost very reasonable.

Spiritual Health

Mental Health

Choose nutrient dense food.

  • Farmers Markets are a the usual places to start, but have you also tried local barter exchanges?

  • The marked down produce and non packaged groceries at your local grocery store?

  • The food pantrys in the less populated and/or more affluent parts of town?

If you are severely limited in funds stay tuned for some supportive ideas you can try. In the meantime, let me know which of the above tips you have tried.
I appreciate you taking the time out to read my blog, see you in the next post.