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QUOTE OF THE WEEK – 06-25-2018


I Am Convinced Digestion Is The Great Secret Of Life - Rev. Sydney Smith

Writer and Reverend, Sydney Smith wrote these words on the topic of digestion in a letter to his friend and fellow author Robert Arthur Kinglake brother of Alexander William Kinglake perhaps finding a passage in one of the early manuscripts of Alexander’s book “Eothen” a personal memoir about Middle East travel, and food as a basis to write his words of wisdom noted here in full context:

To Arthur Kinglake Esq.- Dear Sir, “I am much obliged by the present of your brother’s book. I am convinced digestion is the great secret of life; and that character, talents, virtues, and qualities are powerfully affected by beef, mutton, pie-crust, and rich soups.

I have often thought I could feed or starve men into many virtues and vices, and affect them more powerfully with my instruments of cookery than Timotheus could do formerly with his lyre.” Sydney Smith, 1837 – A Memoir Of The Reverend Sydney Smith – Vol 1.

“I Am Convinced Digestion Is The Great Secret Of Life - Rev. Sydney Smith” Brokegirlsgottabehealthy.com


I chose this quote not to promote or take swipes at any one way of eating, but rather how even in the 18th century how important digestion was and still is. Need some help obtaining good digestion? Try these 3 tips:

1. Know your dietary triggers.
Some people can handle nuts, and dairy, Some can’t. Some even do well with meat, and many of us don’t do well with junk food. Know what triggers your stomach and eliminate them one by one.

2. Yes, Food Combining is A Real Thing.
Proteins with fat and starch (Think cheeseburger with fries a trick of the trade used by fast food restaurants.) can wreak havoc on your digestive enzymes If you want to read up more on the subject, check out this easy chart here.

3. Drink up, but AFTER you eat.
Did anyone grow up with parents that wouldn’t allow you to drink anything until after your meal? *slowly raises my hand.*

Now, most parents take that tactic so you won’t as a kid fill up on empty calories of concentrated drinks before getting some food in, but having your beverage of choice (preferably water) after eating aids in having a happy belly.

But the question that remains is, Why do we have jacked up digestion in the first place?

We will discuss that in the next post.

As always, Thank you for reading!

- Memoirs of Sydney smith