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QUOTE OF THE WEEK – 08-05-2018


Start Acting, Showing & Proving


When I choose this as quote of the week, I thought about how recently I sustained an injury during my workout.

Stay with me here, this is not supposed to scare you off.

Six weeks of being ticked off because just about everything with weight lifting requires the shoulders. 🙁

My chiropractor finally told me to stop babying the injury. That didn’t mean go all ham, but it did mean I was going to have to start again somewhere to begin rehabilitating it. So I did. ACT.

This meant starting slow, grunting through pain, and realizing that a lot of my upper body strength had almost disappeared.

Can you say, ego burst? I worked hard for my little muscles, dang it…

But I have been slowly but surely putting in the work and I am back up to 6 days a week.

Is it hard? Heck yeah, I’m still healing. Is it worth it? Absolutely. When I exercise and eat right I feel like I accomplished something good for my health.

The side benefits are that my progress motivates friends, family, and clients which makes me even more happy because my goal is to be of service to those who need help with their nutrition and exercise goals. SHOW


As Drake said “Started from the bottom now we’re here.”
This basically means IF you do the work, no matter where your starting point is, you WILL move forward in your goals.

Again, it is about where YOUR priorities lie.


If you need extra support, see here & here.

Be sure to come back for some homework follow-up from last week. (PROVE.)
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“Do Not Talk Just ACT. Do Not Say Just SHOW. Do Not Promise Just PROVE.- Unknown Author”

- Unknown Author