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Six Cheap Easy Meals on a Budget

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If you have checked out my recent quote post then you may have guessed  my goal is to give a little foreshadowing as to what my next post will be.  This week will be about eating well and nomming down (yes that is a word now.) on cheap budget easy dishes like this Cast Iron chicken from Gabi M. at  cheeky name aside, from one broke chica to another  {Hai, girl hai!}  You gotta love throwing everything into a skillet and having it on the table in under an hour for $7.

Chicken & Sweet potatoes, cheap & easy.

Recipe & Image by Broke !@#$%^&* gourmet

Next up: Wellvegan’s basic marinara sauce combined with Pastabased’s meatballs for an ‘even the meat eater will like it’ kind of meal.

Vegan meatballs with spaghetti , cheap & easy.
Recipe & Image by Wellvegan

Dang you Chipotle. Got us all hooked on your steamy bowls full of rice and beans and Responsibly Raised®meats… 😉 that’s okay. With help of a packet of ranch dressing and a recipe from Carlsbadcravings for a homemade do over, we’re good.
Chicken burrito bowl, cheap & easy.

Recipe & Image by Carlsbad Cravings

For some of you in the states that have no technical Winter season (Yeah, I see you Florida with your “Oooh look at me I’m temperate” weather.) a soup recipe might not appeal.
But for others especially my vegan friends, take a look at BudgetBytes Smoky Potato Chickpea stew which will only set you back $5.74 for six servings, and will allow you to ride out the remaining few weeks of winter as everyone’s favorite rodent predicted.

Potato chickpea soup, , cheap & easy.
Recipe & Image by BudgetBytes

Speaking of vegans, here is another filling and cheap dinner (but not as healthy as the aforementioned recipes) which makes it a great Friday night meal courtesy of the 99 cent chef. This recipe for 4-5 sandwiches, total’s out to approx $4.21 (Whuuut?!?!) (Minus the pita cost though.) Put it together with some baked Garlic fries by Fifteen Spatulas using the left over garlic and parsley; just add a potato and you are set!

Falafel & Pita sandwich, cheap & easy.
Recipe & Image by The 99 cent chef

Garlic French Fries, cheap & easy.
Image by Fifteen spatulas

And topping out at number 6 is a quick 5 dollar dinners meal that when I stumbled upon it, I had to laugh because this is how my mom would cook for me when I was little. Very basic but good. Though if it required more than 6 ingredients or more than 30 minutes in the kitchen (chin nod to old school Rachel Ray.), dinner wasn’t happening in my house. So yay for us to pre-packaged mirepoix, and Trader Joe’s chicken sausages.

Sausage & Potato Skillet Meal, cheap & easy. Recipe & Image by 5 dollar dinners

So there you have it! Six meals that are cheap, 90% healthy and quick because long cook times in the kitchen?…
Ain't Noody Got Time For That gif

(Whatever happened to this chick after her TP movie cameo?)

Image by Giphy

If you try one of the recipes, let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by.
– BG.