Leaky gut: Woman holding her stomach that spells out Out Of Order

The Secret of Successful Gut Health


How to navigate the murky waters of gut issues.

On any given viewing of tv or streaming especially if it is not geared toward the under 18 demographic, you are bound to catch a commercial about the gut.

Whether it is for an upset stomach, constipation, or the latest and greatest medications to allay stomach symptoms, it is easy to see the latest marketing buzz has become all things stomach. Which lends the question of why so many stomach troubles now?

In this article we will explore a little bit of history of digestive issues and a few of its modern incarnations.

Also, we will dig into why have so many digestive issues, and how NOT addressing your gut can be the kick off for other underlying problems.

And of course we will discuss tips on how to circumvent your own digestive issues (or keep from getting them at all.) without breaking your wallet.

With that said, let’s begin.

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A gut with leaky large droplets.

There’s a Leak In The Gut Dear Liza, Dear Liza.


First, a little background history.Since there are hundreds of gastrointestinal disorders for the sake of getting to the point I will mainly be focusing on a few of common popular conditions: ‘Leaky Gut’ ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ aka ‘IBS’, Gastroesophageal reflux disease aka ‘GERD’, and Crohns.


The history of autoimmune digestive conditions such as Crohn’s dates back as early as the the 1800’s but was formally discovered and monikered by Dr. Burrill Bernard Crohn.


GERD was noted early on by Pliny the elder of the Roman empire (AD 23-79) who recommended coral powder for the burning.

IBS, was officially recognized in 1950 by the Rocky Mountain Medical Journal to describe patients that had symptoms of diarrhea, abdominal pain, and constipation.


To be honest when I began to do research for this article, I was actually most looking forward to finding the answer to the origin of Leaky Gut Syndrome; Mainly because of how many people this condition affects within the the U.S. population. (Take note I mentioned U.S. population.)

However, guess what?
There is no specific history origin that I have been able to find in my research. Now I know what you may be thinking, “Leaky Gut” is not a medical term. That’s true. It’s alleged that it is a marketing term but I couldn’t find good solid research to support that claim.

Nonetheless, there is the term ‘Increased Intestinal Permeability’. As learned through Science Direct.

Increased Intestinal permeability (IIP) is a function of the intestinal barrier that must be carefully regulated in order to facilitate nutrient absorption and passage of electrolytes without permitting bacterial infiltration.

When there is increased permeability, more undigested foods, by-products, bacteria, and chemicals are bypassed and allowed into the bloodstream.

Increased Intestinal Permeability is more likely to be recognized by the medical community and is seem more often in IBS, Celiac, and Crohn’s diease patients.

But why?


Just as there are many digestive disorders there are also a list of reasons for the cause of such disorders from congenital to environmental. But again we will be concentrating on a few that come up again and again for digestive problems.

  2. Zonulin is a protein that helps regulate the permeability of the tight junctions ( cell to cell adhesions that permit selective permeability of the intestine).
    When the tight junctions of their intestinal permeability is compromised by the elevated presence of Zonulin this leads to the damage of the gut filtering system that begins the ‘leak’.

  4. Glyphosate is the generic name for a weed killer (think Ondansetron – a anti nausea/vomiting vs. Zofran ™ the Brand name) This weed killer is used to inhibit enzymes of plants that help them grow, thus the plant dies within a matter of days to weeks. How does this effect your gut? In two ways: The aforementioned Zonulin is increased which as we know allows passage of the undesirables to come into the bloodstream.

    Second, because grains especially wheat is sprayed at harvest and then processed into cereals, flour products, thickeners, etc. all of which have an effect on our own enzyme process, not allowing enough nutrients to be utilized by our bodies.

  6. I have talked about this in an earlier post, but it goes without saying really.
    If you have an already devitalized processed food diet that usually has additives, colors, preservatives, and flavor enhancers in the food, and add that to a bowl of rice, corn, or a loaf of bread loaded with glyphosate and you are asking for health troubles.

    Ask for health problems, and you shall receive.

  7. DRUGS.

  8. OTC’s (aka non prescription drugs such as Aspirin, Motrin, Antacids) which especially chronic use lead to stomach lining Proton pump inhibitors: Omeprazole, Esomeprazole, Pantoprazole etc. Chemo therapy drugs all disrupt stomach flora, degrade the intestinal barrier and raise Zonulin levels.

Quick additional note: If you are taking an oral route medication, all drugs will be processed in the stomach at some point.


Are your gut symptoms just the tip of the iceberg?

Just like with an iceberg, symptoms related to digestion even minor ones may not always mirror the deeper things going on “beneath the surface” in the body. Let’s take a look at some problems that wreak havoc.


Dysbiosis is the imbalance of bacteria due to chronic antibiotic use, a highly processed food diet, fungi, mold, or yeast overgrowth, and lack of gastric motility for basic digestion and elimination.


Artificial food colors, preservatives, additives can trigger food sensitivity as can increased intolerance to dairy, beans.grains, and cruciferous veggies like Cabbage, Kale, and Broccoli.

“Eating devitalized food and glyphosate grains? Ask and you shall receive chronic digestion problems.” -- Brokegirlsgottabehealthy.com


Due to the inflammation response from food and toxins crossing the tight junction, food is unable to break down into required nutrients causing malabsorption to take place resulting in symptoms of malnutrition such as decaying teeth, hair loss, brittle nails, weight loss, and in its severest form: organ malfunction.


This is caused by an inflammation response is closely related to nutrition deficiency.


Overeactive antibodies that have attack our own cells leaving our bodies with less a weakened defense system.

As you can see, digestive issues can have a much deeper reach throughout your body if not taken note of and corrected. Thanks to its long history, plus the marketable term of Leaky Gut, there are many ways to cut the burden of the effects and begin to heal, from Probiotics to medications, supplements, to diet changes. Which for some of those suggestion are the right way to go… if you had that kind of money to spend. To follow are some things you can try that won’t break your budget.


Now’s your chance, what can you do to gain better digestion?

3 Steps To Epic Digestion!

Slay your Digestive Woes With These Easy Tips.


1. ACV & Aloe vera juice.

Useful for drinking, soaking, and slaying bad ‘bugs & parasites’. Both also work well as Kombucha for dysbiosis.

First up, Aloe. Aloe’s soothing gel properties is not only filled with nutrients but also is a known healer for external injuries and utilizes those same properties to soothe the lining of the stomach so the it can begin healing itself.
However, if you have a latex allergy do NOT proceed. Instead try…

Apple Cider Vinegar.

ACV will help to re-inoculate your gut flora and help with the symptoms of gas, bloat, and constipation.

ACV’s effects are different from aloe because of the gel properties so if you can, incorporate both into your daily routine. Take 1 Tbl of both/either before and after meals, making sure to dilute the ACV with 2-4 oz. of purified water before drinking and add a straw for extra enamel protection.

2. Become Your Own Scientist.

Form a Hypothesis,Observe, Journal, Review & Eliminate foods as needed. Who knows yourself better than you?

You wake up everyday with your body so you know when something is not right. And if you are observant, you can trace back what started that queasiness, or constipation.

Keep a journal for two weeks and write down everything and take away a food for a two days. How do you feel? Write that down. Then try a week. Your body will let you know.

This method is how I was able to determine (after lots of pain) that I could no longer eat popcorn unless it was organic and non GMO. And even then I decided I would only eat it for movie time just to be on the safe side.

3. Grains/Nuts/Legumes

If you can’t bear to eliminate cereal grains after observing how you feel on them, then see suggestion #1 and also take your grains for a overnight soak to help with taking out phytic acid which inhibits digestion.

If you need some direction with making beans,nuts, and grains more digestible see here: rice, beans, corn, nuts And a bonus fun link for soaking beans just because I like the video. 😉

Please Take Note: Unless these grains are organic, soaking/dehydrating does nothing for Glyphosate which is already in the grain.

Having said that, does eating organic grain/legumes ensure no wind drift from conventional farms have come upon it…?

Of course not. Which is why going gluten free doesn’t always solve the digestive problems.

But because organic farmers for the most part take care to uphold the standards of organic farming; as well as grains and beans make money and meals stretch, and last but not least because tertiary physical care costs more in the long run, organic vegetables and grains is where you should spend a little more to circumvent digestive problems.

4. Better food choices.

Eat Fresh, pastured, poultry, meat on unsprayed grass and not finished off with grain (it can be done.), soaked/sprouted/crispy nuts and seeds, wild caught non GMO fish, Green leafy and non starchy veggies, and olive oil, pastured butter/ghee/coconut oil, low sulfites except ACV. Avoid added synthetic vitamins and minerals.

“Fix the holes in your bucket ‘Dear Liza’ with better nutrition.” -- Brokegirlsgottabehealthy.com


We reviewed the history of common gut problems, the reason why gluten free or not, the spraying of grains can cause the slow breakdown of the body, and how you can take this information apply it to your self and come out on the better end of healing your digestive health without breaking the bank.

Homework for you: Whether you have digestion issues or not, what will you do to keep stomach problems at bay? Can you purchase $15 for a large bottle of apple cider vinegar and a bottle of aloe juice and take that before and after meals? Or can you push aside a meal that usually includes grains for one of organic vegetables and pastured meat and or eggs?

If you decide to take ONE step towards healing your gut or circumventing a problem, I would love to hear about it.

Favor please? Leave a comment, Share on Pinterest, or hit me up on Twitter.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my little corner of the net, and stay tuned to changes in the next weeks.