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Meal prep can be boring. Case in point true story: I once had a co-worker who each day at lunchtime would open up her zipped lunch bag, remove a cellophane wrapped burrito, nuke it and then sit down and proceed to eat it with a bottle of water. She repeated this. Everyday.
(Very Roman J. Israel Esq. esque.)

I found this fascinating. So I had to ask Why? Why eat like this everyday?

For One, she confided that she already knew what she was going to eat, therefore requiring no thought process. Just stuff a burrito in an insulated bag with a bottle of water and go.

Two, it was a familiar flavor profile (see more about this here.) She knew what to expect when she sat down eat, no surprise hits coming her way…LOL

Three, the burritos were cheap, albeit cheaply made.

And finally number four, she considered them to be healthy and low-calorie.


That got me to thinking for this post just how much meal prep needs to be first healthy, have a balanced amount of calories, flavorful, budget friendly and most of all NOT BORING.

So with that said, welcome to a new round-up of recipes. If you need some dinner inspo, please check out my dinner roundup post.

In this post we take a look at 17 meal prep recipes from some popular YT-bers for healthy grab and go whether you are vegan, have kids, or a pescatarian you will find something for everyone in the following meal prep video round-up. Let’s go!


Meal prep Walmart haul

If you put the term ‘Keto’ into a Google search, you would be flooded with results from how to eat keto, keto beginners, a Reddit thread on Keto… you get the point. It’s everywhere.

Keto in a nutshell is a low carb, moderate protein, high fat way eating that allows the body to burn fat instead of carbs aka ketosis. (Take note that I am over simplifying.) But the point is, if you are in need of burning a little fat off your body, Keto may be the way to do it. And if you need some keto meal prep inspo, look no further than YT-ber Keto Connect’s video on keto meals prepped using groceries from…Wal-Mart. (Hey, it can be done.) Highlight recipe: Grass-fed chili


I Heart Umami Pork Meal prep

If there was ever a second most popular diet, it would definitely be Paleo.
But what exactly is the Paleo style of eating?

Paleolithic eating is based on the premise of eating only foods that would have been available during early human history.

So basically certain fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, meat and fish. No processed foods, grains, dairy products, legumes, alcohol, oils, butter, coffee,or sugar allowed.

Restrictive? Maybe. Exhausting? Maybe. But like Keto it has a cult like following, and weight loss results to boot. For some meal prep Paleo ideas, try I Heart Umami’s meal prep plan for the week. Highlight recipe: Lion’s head Meatballs. BTW I love her video editing.


Vegan falafel bowl meal prep

Coming in a strong third to Paleo and Keto would definitely be the vegan way of eating. Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Beans, Legumes, and a little bit of grains. What’s not to like? It’s basically Paleo without the meat.

Speaking of vegan, I recently transitioned a few months ago from being a Pescatarian and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Though I do find myself in need of new recipes every week that aren’t bean dependent. (Because sometimes you just don’t want to eat legumes ya know?)

One of my favorite go to YT’ers because of her always sunny-side up persona and of course for the recipes is Jenné Claiborne of the Sweet Potato Soul channel. She as well has some of the most awesomely edited videos. But of course we are not here for the aesthetics, we are here for the food! And as usual she serves up simple but yummy vegan fare for your lunch boxes.
Highlight recipe: Sweet Potato (of course!) Falafel

20 dollar vegan meal prep

Next up is Cheap Lazy Vegan’s meal prep for $20. I like her super low-key chill vibe and for this video, her ability to take on the challenge of just using $27 Canadian dollars – the equivalent of $20 USD, to meal prep.
Mission accomplished. Highlight recipe:’Peanut butter finger’ (You have to watch to see what I am talking about…) Other highlight: Sweet potato oat breakfast cakes.


Glazed chicken thigh meal prep

For dollar conscious meal prep, there’s Flav City’s Chicken thighs meal prep with hummus and Tabbouleh salad. Highlight recipe: The sour orange glaze for the chicken.

Bison stuffed poblano meal prep

For the more adventurous, You all are probably quite familiar with nutrition and recipe blogger Kevin Curry, aka Fit Men Cook who through nutrition and gym time lost weight and got healthier, and now features recipes on his site to help others do the same.

In this video he uses $75 to create 5 different meals for a week. A little bit pricier than Cheap Easy Vegan, but this is due to the proteins used and a bit more extensive recipes such as this
Highlight recipe : Bison stuffed peppers.


Family meal prep grocery haul

For family meal prep look no further than the always perky Alyssa Sheikh at
Mind Over Munch’s family meal prep for the week for a family of four. Highlight recipe: Freezer sandwiches.

School lunch meal prep bento

For those with kids, I present Pick Up Limes’s vegan school lunch meal prep for I would approximate in the 5-9 year old age group. Highlight recipe: Trail mix popcorn.

BBQ chicken kids lunch meal prep

To keep it balanced, I wanted to also include a meal prep for parent’s that aren’t raising vegan kids.
And man, there are a lot of videos to choose from in this category. But what caught my eye was
Clean & Delicious healthy compartment lunch box meals with healthy kid friendly favs such as BBQ chicken dippers with corn and fruit. Highlight recipe to watch for: Spinach Chocolate chip Protein Pancakes.

Honorable mention to YT’ber Life As A Rambling Redhead’s lunch box ideas for her two kids who looked to be about 5 and 3. Even though she uses some processed foods, the innovative use of meal plates and bento boxes and most of all her fun cross between comedy and snark make this a good meal prep video.

Highlights from her video: Intro dance 🙂 The food tough love approach, and the use of a quality chicken nugget. 😉

“#MealPrep can be affordable, yummy, fast, and SO not boring when you look for inspiration.”


Shrimp and cauliflower rice meal prep

For the seafood lovers / Pescatarians, Take a peek at Fit Couple Cooks, who not only give you a cheeky compelling reason to clean your shrimp 🙁 , but they also create a quick shrimp meal for packing up. Highlight recipe: Pesto cauliflower rice.

Seafood Meal Prep for two

This one almost needs no introduction because… it’s a Tasty video. Woot!
Don’t you just love these sped up yummy videos? I like to watch them to lull me to sleep. LOL. (That’s not shade BTW, I love me some Tasty videos because they are quick and to the point. No yob yob yobbin’ for three minutes into the video before you start cooking.) 🙂 Take a look at their salmon for two meal prep. Highlight recipe: Garlic paprika salmon.


Bodybuilder meal prep for men

For my bodybuilder/gym beast guys, here is a basic BLD meal prep by Remington James who takes his meal prep seriously. I will forewarn that this is a basic meal prep, no bison or sauce covered meats here. Just basic micros and macros on the plate so you can eat, tear down, build up, and repeat.
Highlight recipe: The “Remington Special”

Chicken & salmon meal prep for girls

For my lifting heavy girls, I bring you Liezl Jayne Strydom’s video meal prep for the week.
A bit more vegetable heavy and definitely more colorful than Remington’s but still getting in the basics of bodybuilding meals. Highlight recipe: Cranberry beet carrot salad


Raw vegan zucchini noodle meal prep

It’s been a while since I have taken a look at Kristina’s channel, but I knew she wouldn’t let me down in the raw meal prep department. Highlight recipe: Zucchini noodles with marinara. I believe she was doing veggie noodles before it became a packaged thing.
All raw vegan, healthy, and packed with flavor.


Panang tofu soup by Kaur Beauty

For the vegetarians, watch Kaur Beauty’s meal prep on a college budget. Highlight recipe: Panang Soup.

Vegetarian meal prep with broccoli and tofu

For an additional vegetarian meal prep option and another bubbly persona, check out Krissy Ropiha for a Sunday meal prep week of meals.
Highlight recipe: Garden veggie quinoa salad


Gluten free meal prep for work

And last but not least for my Gluten free family, do your prep with Rachel Aust for a week of easy digestive pain-free healthy meals. Highlight recipe: Eggplant Roulades

And there you have it! 17 recipe videos to get your week on the right foot.

Did you find a favorite? If so, which one?

How do YOU meal prep each week?

I’d like to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment below. And hit the pin it button so you can come back to the post when you need ideas, and as always, thank you for reading!

Meal Prep Pinterest Pin no.3

NO need to have a boring meal prep lunch week.