Let hand holding junk food Vs. Rt hand holding healthy food

Message from your body: Never Mess With Junk Food, And Here’s The Reasons Why.



Did you know everyday 28% of the average person’s food intake comes from junk food?
If you go by the basic calorie allotment of 2,000 calories that adds up to 560 calories from ’empty’ calories.

“Meh.” You say. “The rest of my day can be healthy choices.” And good for you if you consider eating healthy for the rest of the day to tip the scale back in your favor.
But for a lot of people, it is an unending loop that leads to inevitable problems.

The discussion of this post will:

  • Give you a general understanding of your body’s everyday needs.
  • Why dis-ease and junk food are close friends
  • Explore cravings, what are they really?
  • Personal takeaways to improve your daily eating if you are a ‘junk-a-holic’


Let’s go back to middle school nutrition class for a moment. For our bodies to function daily with efficiency we require as shown below water, minerals, lipids, protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

We must maintain these balance percentages with food that is likewise balanced. Take for example a cup of kale, it is high in vitamins especially A.C, & K, high in water content, (Bonus fact: kale contains 85% water, fiber for colon tonicity, provides better nutrient absorption than processed foods, and combats “bathroom issues” aka constipation.)

The Nutrtion Facts of Kale vs Junk food

Image by: Dr.Axe

Not to mention Kale is also low in carbohydrates, fat, and trace minerals of manganese and copper both of which nourish and produce energy to the cells

When you add a little olive oil or ½ an avocado for fat, dash of celtic sea salt and dried or fresh herbs, you pretty much have a complete meal – albeit a very simple meal.

Plus you have provided the nutrients your body needed in that meal to continue its daily functions and provide caloric energy to get through your daily tasks.

For special diets like athletes, pregnant women, or just people with good appetites, you can adjust up the quantity without it adding a lot more calories.

Now let’s take a look at a popular junk snack:

Nutrient facts for unhealthy popular junk food snack

Nutrition Facts Image by:Fritolay Modified By: BrokeG1rL

So here we have enriched corn meal – meaning the naturally occurring vitamins in non GMO nutrient dense corn has been stripped out in processing and added back in through”Enriching & Fortification,“ vegetable oils for crunch with Corn & Canola being co-sharers of top of the list GMO products with pesticides and sensitivities.

Other additions include flavor enhancers, colorants, and artificial flavors. Having a look to the right at the nutrition facts: for a 28 gram serving, 10 grams of it is from fat.

Not the good fats like coconut oil/olive oil/ pastured butter/ghee, nuts or seeds.
Fat from processed oils. This 28 gram serving also lends to 250mg of sodium; Most likely sodium chloride, an unhealthy form of salt, and a moderate amount of carbohydrate for a 28 gram (21 piece) serving. (How many people eat only 21 Cheetos?!)

Plus don’t forget your “sprayed in” vitamins, See the above link on fortification.
What’s missing?
Natural vitamins, water content, minerals, and fiber.

The only category this snack slightly “wins” at is low sugar content. So after eating this product you will:

1. Have not added any cell supporting nutrients into your body.

2. Begin the introduction of metabolic changes to your body including skin breakouts.

3). Due to the combined effects of the first two reasons, you will quickly feel hungry again because of not having met your body’s needs within that snack or meal.

Depending on the individual’s metabolism, the metabolic changes exhibited include moodiness, unexplained aches, or loss of energy or on the other end hyper energy with a subsequent crash.

Tweet about a junk food resolution

I hear ya girl. Image by: Twitter.com


The ‘nutrients’ of junk food – The three twisted sisters: Fat, Sugar, Salt (& their cohorts)
As you have seen from the above example, the biggest components of any junk or junk convenience food is what one of my friends call the “Three Twisted Sisters” – Fat Sugar, and Salt this powerful combination is also the subject of a popular investigative book by Mr. Michael Moss

These three ‘sisters’ especially in combination create a chemical in your brain that causes you to want more because of the intense combination of those flavors.

Think chocolate salted pretzels : Sweet chocolate plus a little oil for fat, salt from the pretzel and the added bene of texture – crunchiness also from the pretzel.

Food manufacturers research different textures and “mouthfeel” when seeking out their next product to market. Like this Insta hit:

Ice cream stuffed donuts..RLY?!

Image by:B Sweet Los Angels Modified by BrokeG1rL
Honestly, no shade to B.sweet.

Junk food is also many times void of the “BLM” trifecta – Bulk, Lubrication, Moisture:

Bowel care by Dr. Bernard Jensen

Quote by Dr. Bernard Jensen – Image by: Broke girls gotta be healthy

Stay with me here, I know no one likes to talk about going to the bathroom. 😉
Many times junk/convenience food will provide the “bulk” without or without a little bit of fiber. But they lack life supporting water within the food.

When you don’t have the right combination of the essentials in your body from your food and don’t exercise It creates constipation and other problems caused by the bowel matter that is not being evacuated.


Cat pwns sleight of hand trick.

Image by: Giphy
No slight of hand fake food here. The cat knows whats up. And you do too.

Substituting beautifully packaged smart marketed food with MORE FAKE FOOD. Urrgh.

There is no such thing as ‘healthy’ fake food. Eat the whole food. Cereal bars, breakfast biscuits, chemical laden tortillas loaded with the heaviness of an egg, meat, and cheese (basically three proteins crammed into a carbohydrate.) and you are asking for gastric trouble.

Being high in the cravings trifecta and/or just imbalanced (For example low-fat food products are usually higher in the other two “sisters” to balance flavor and encourage a re-purchase.

Cartoon of a guy eating junk food hoping there will someday be evidence that convices people that it is good.

Image by: Jimmy Marguiles
Let’s hope that never happens.

Consider the recent burst of salty-sweet snacks that have made it to commercials and store shelves in the last 4 years.

All of this is in the name of quick or “on the go”and imprinting a flavor profile aka Cravings in your mouth and brain and promoting brand loyalty.

Don’t be seduced, it doesn’t take that long to pull together a meal plan whether you are single, married, or have kids check out Wendy’s post at Lettuce Thrive for some meal prep guidance, and you will see that if you give it an hour or so depending on the recipe, you can get in the kitchen and jam out meal prep for a week of healthy B,L, D’s and snacks in a short amount of time. Then all you have to do is grab & go.


Artificial sweeteners, Trans fats, Chemical additives, without calling out any particular name brands (Uh, I mean again. LOL)

I will say this: If the product you plan to eat has any emulsifiers, dough “condtioners” (what no shampoo?) soybean/canola oils, Ethyloxylated Mono or Diglycerides, modifed anything ,Polysorbate, BHT, TBHQ, carnauba wax, Yellow, Blue or Red #…do I need to really plead with you to NOT eat that and definitely don’t feed it to your kids?

These same ingredients can be found on your everyday package of $1.99 bread.
That doesn’t rot. Or mold.
But continues to look perfect the day you. bought. it …4 months ago. (Side joke to Magnolia.)

Package of old junk foodhot dog buns with no mold

Somethin’ Just Ain’t Right.

Side view of old junk food hot dog buns

No words…

Don’t know about you, but my grandma’s bread was made with maybe 7 all natural perishable ingredients.

And although we never saw the bread grow mold (because we ate it before that could happen.)

I can safely without doubt say because it had no preservatives and was made from whole ingredients if not eaten, would breakdown, dry out or decompose the way whole natural food usually does as it gets older, loses nutrients, and gain bacteria colonies.

But I digress. What does this have to do with the partnership of convenience food & illness? Diabetes. High Blood Pressure. Cancer. Clogged arteries. What do they have in common?

They are all degenerative dis-eases. What causes cellular degeneration to equal inflammation?

Lack of nutrients in the body. — pure water, good fats, trace nutrients. It’s all related.

Consider this, programming languages have changed throughout the years but one thing remains the same:

If you have flaws in the coding, your program won’t work. The body is THE best most highly efficient program in the world, and if you don’t give it the best and more importantly correct input, be prepared for errors until you get it right.

“Flaws in the coding? Your program won’t work. The body is THE most efficient program in the world. If you don’t give it the best correct input, be prepared for errors” -Brokegirlsgottabehealthy.com


  • How it all adds up: Small changes = Big outcomes.

  • If you have had a steady diet of junk and or convenience foods in your daily diet you have to wean yourself or go “cold turkey”. For weaning consider the time of day that you want to put that first bite of fast food in your mouth.Is it morning before work?

    Be prepared. Create some quick on the go healthy breakfast choices the night before like egg muffins, or pop open a homemade smoothie pack
    with a slice of avocado toast and you have made your first step towards making a better choice. Go you.

  • Add back the missing nutrients.

  • Make a concerted effort to eat real, whole, nutrient dense foods. Pile high on veggies fresh or steamed, a little fruit, a small amount of grass-fed pastured meat or poultry, a small amount of non GMO grain, and at least a tablespoon full of kelp or rating a dried seaweed for trace minerals.

  • Choose your meals and snacks with respect to your body.

  • Don’t be dogmatic about nutrition which can lead to obsessiveness and someone not fun to be around.

    Not to mention cause you enough stress to make you want to just say forget it all and drive to the closest In & Out.

    But be clear in your understanding of what you have learned, stand strong in your convictions to respect your body knowing that if you do better for it, it will do better for you.

    Above all be honest with yourself to conscientiously make better choices every time you eat.

“Take into account how each meal or snack decision can promote or demote your health.” -- Brokegirlsgottabehealthy.com

The biggest takeaway is this:

Junk food contains additives, preservatives, enrichers, fortifiers, the combo threat of Sugar, Salt, Fat, and no real nutrients
equates to health robbers that promote physical break down.


I am not saying junk/convenience foods are the only source of dis-ease, but they do start the domino effect.

So girls and boys, what have we learned today? How will YOU take a small action towards giving up junk food? I would like to read your responses. Side note: Especially for the girls that have to deal with TTOTM(*) cravings. How do you combat it with healthy choices?

(*)- That Time Of The Month

As always, thank you for visiting my humble little blog and taking the time to read this.

PS. Very soon some changes will be a-coming to hopefully make the blog more enjoyable for you dear readers. Stay tuned. In the meantime if you enjoyed the article, learned something, or just like the pictures 🙂 Hit the Pinterest or Twitter buttons and please spread the love!

Picture of french fries with quote about the real cost of cheap junk food

Quote by:Eric Schlosser Modified Image by: BrokeG1rL.
Pay your farmer now. Or, pay the hospital later.