Mindful Health Moment Follow-up- how to read food labels for healthy eating

Action Plan Homework

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Supportive Videos to Create Your Action Plan of Success.

Last week, on Mindful Health Moment we explored WHY you repeat your
bad habits.

The post included steps to start reversing habits and a reader ‘homework’ assignment to start creating a preparation plan towards successfully eliminating ONE Bad Habit.

In support of that, and for some added inspiration towards completing the assignment, please check out the videos below.

ACTION STEPS VIDEO – Presented By ASAP Science

MOTIVATION VIDEO – Presented By Be Inspired’s Channel

Your habit change IS possible. Let me know on Twitter how you did it and If these videos were helpful:


Or in the comments below.

As always, thank you for finding my little nook of the net and reading my blog. I appreciate you.

Mindful Health Moment Follow-up - Action Support