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How To Do A Juice Detox

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And How Too Learn from my fails, so you can succeed!


What is exactly is a detox? No, it’s not that never to be heard music from Dr. Dre

Detoxification or detoxication (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.

The physiological way of detoxing by introducing a liquid or supplement has become popular due to documentaries on our food and health systems, celebrities, and just an overall interest in a ‘take charge’ approach with our own health.


This is definitely a trigger question depending on who you ask. From the physiological point of view the body does just fine thank you using its own elimination measures through the skin, liver, colon, and kidneys just to name the major hitters.

And in a perfect world with perfect soundness of mind, we would need nothing to support the body in detoxing.

But, as you know we live in no such world.

Work environments like factories, textiles, housecleaning, pollution,
fake food, medication, what we put on our skin all builds up faster than the body can clear it out.

This is especially so if the foods we eat everyday to build up nutrients in our bodies and support our cells is of low quality, thereby adding to the problem.

Therefore, adding in juices without the fiber allows the nutrition from the plants to permeate and hydrate the cells, provide extra defense against inflammation to allow the body to thoroughly get rid of the buildup.


Another reason for the healthy dose of skepticism towards juicing is that it doesn’t help that as I mentioned earlier, that celebrities and companies have jumped at the opportunity to promote an already overused word to market even more consumerism to the world in the vein of cleanse packages, and private labeled endorsed juices.

Combine that with some well intended indignation and eye rolling from some in the medical community notably Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists with thoughts ranging from it being another dietary fad to the pseudoscience / anecdotal brush off: No nutritional or scientific information to back up the “detox” effect and you are left with a confused person that just wanted to try some dang juice. No fluff, no fold. Just. juice. Jeez.

If you go about it correctly, you can come out on the other end of your cleanse having more energy, feeling lighter, and it might help clear up a few issues such as acne, constipation, rashes, and digestion complications.

No one knows your body like you do. So if you want to try juicing, go into it with knowledge and of course common sense.

For example if you are a diabetic, inform your health professional what your plans are for standby support and be diligently aware of your blood sugar monitoring as you drink your juices. Now let’s take a look at the types of detoxes to choose from.


There are quite a few types of juicing out there but you will find more often the same popular ones:


This one resonates with people because of watching Mr. Cross’s 60 day journey to getting healthier just from juice.

Due to its popularity, Mr. Cross has a large reboot following with
a forum community for support.

He, (Joe Cross) also has teamed up with Dr. Oz for an abbreviated form of the detox.


This juice detox option has some good and bad options.

The Good:

  • Convenience.
  • Done for you, delivered to your door, no dirty blender /juicer to clean, grab one out the frig and go. With two of the more popular national cold pressed juice brands being
    Blueprint and

  • Most commercial juices are a blend of veggies and fruit so you will get in more variety.

  • Some of the companies have some good flavor blends, so if you are not a fan of Blueprint’s ‘Kale It Up’, you might Like Suja’s ‘Glow’ for the hints of tea combined with the leafy greens and odds are you can get them both at the same store so you are not stuck with the flavor you dislike.

  • Because more consumers are requiring organic, most juice to your door companies are offering organic and non GMO juices.

    The Bad:

  • Expense.
  • At the time of this writing, $195 gets you 18 bottles of juices #1-6 from Blueprint. Suja for $144 also for 18 bottles for 3 days (might be cheaper at your local Cost-co.)

  • Even with non BPA plastic, the goal here is DETOX so last thing you want is to add another layer of toxins from the container that expensive juice sits in.

  • The general rule of thumb to get the maximum benefits is to drink it right away.

    If not feasible, a blender made/centrifugal juice will last about 24 hours; a masticating/pressed juice 48 hours.

    With a delivery service, you might be within the realm of the two days, but consider you have 18 bottles…and it has probably has been there a little longer on the refrigerated shelf with grocery store juices. Though commercial brands now promote their newer cold press technologies to keep the juice fresher.


    Dr. John R. Christopher / Dr. N.W. Walker

    These two programs are not as well-known but have been around for a long time and are revered among holistic practitioners and those that are studiers of health and nutrition.

    Without going into a lot of background, Dr. Norman Walker has done extensive research in his book
    ‘Fresh Vegetables & Fruit Juices’ to how each recommended juice is utilized by the body and what ailments it can help.

    Master herbalist Dr. John Christopher also has done research on juicing in his book/program
    Dr. Christopher’s: 3-Day Cleansing Program, Mucusless Diet and Herbal Combinations and how juices detox and build up the body which he outlines in his 3 day cleanse.

    Dr. Christopher focuses mainly on single fruit or vegetable juice throughout his program.


    Now, before I tell you about my personal experience with juicing, let’s make sure to have the basics down first.

    • If you are a beginner, start with three. Some people do one day, but if you want to see tangible results without a long term commitment three days is a great start.

    • Food is not only a need to keep alive, it also is a way to come together with friends and family, share conversation, and take in the flavors of the familiar or something new.

      So… what’s your plan B when your boyfriend or DH is sitting across from you chowing down on a big plate of spaghetti and turkey meatballs? Or if you are a mom and your toddler took one bite of their sandwich?

      Or you get a text invite to the latest popup restaurant?

      These are all things you have got to consider before you start so you are ready for the challenges. Though 3 days is pretty easy to turn down invites, or ignore a half eaten sandwich still make a resolve of how to handle the situation, do you have enough willpower to still eat with your friends or family during dinner time?

      If you need some direction on getting into a goal setting and follow through, take a look at my post on being goal minded to help you before you start.

      Suggestions that also can help are making sure you have enough juice to keep you full, not being the main meal prepper so you don’t have to taste the food, and telling your friends/family of your intent so they can be supportive of your goal.

    • Purchase enough produce that will get you through the three days if you can. If not, at least a day and a half. For the best prices AND quality, find the store that offers both in your neighborhood.

      For example, in our neck of the woods that would be Aldi’s & the farmer’s market.

      You can also find some good deals in the priced down bins for imperfect produce at the larger chain stores. Or if you have a wallet friendly co-op or CSA.

    • While shopping be mindful of there are some fruits and veggies that for cost and nutrients juice up better than others. Water filled veggies like cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, root veggies like carrots, and beets, and green veggies like kale, collards, lettuce, and chard yield good glasses of juice.

      Spinach ironically, does not yield a lot of juice and usually costs more on average that its leafy brethren

      For fruits, apples, citrus, grapes, and pineapples yield best. You can get tasty quality juice from berries but the yield is lower and more costly.

    • I chose a weekend, because it’s easy, it’s three days, and if you have a detox crisis (more on that in a sec.) or run out if juice, chances are higher that you are at home. There’s also national holiday starts too that make a second best choice because of the weekend add -in.

    Several types of juice cleanses in glass bottles with straws


  • Listlessness, Grouchiness, and Headaches oh my!
    This usually happens on the first maybe 2nd day of the fast, this is usually one of two main reasons: Not drinking enough juice and water in between or you may be ‘dumping’ toxins. As your body gets used to not chewing and having more fluid nutrients to work with, the side effects should subside.

  • I’m On Meds Lady!! Now What?
    Be sure to talk it over with your health professional so they can evaluate your med regimen, let them know how long you will be cleansing and which one you have decide upon so they have an basic understanding of your nutrients.

  • Breastfeeding.
    I personally wouldn’t advise it just because of the amount of calories needed to promote milk but again check with your health professional and cross reference with your lactation consultant.

  • I Don’t Have A Juicer.
    The BGGBH’s way to cheap juicing: Blender + Paint strainer cloth or cheese cloth. Put veggies in the blender, a little distilled or purified water. Blend together than run juice through paint strainer/cheesecloth (imagine you are milking a cow.) into your glass container of choice.

  • Now, because I personally burned out two family blenders doing this method.. 😐 I don’t recommend this way.

    But hey, it got done what I needed until I saved up and bought a masticating juicer by Omega. (not an affiliate link.)

    So here’s what I did.


    First, I decided to do a three-day juice program for three reasons.

    One, I have a friend that is now on her 37th day of Joe’s reboot and I am seeing her great results in energy, and weight loss.

    Second, when I was juicing every day, I had a nice buzz like energy that I missed.
    Third, although being vegan sometimes you just get tire of rating ya know? I just wanted a rest from thinking about what I am going to make for B.L,D.


    I decided to do a weekend because that was in my opinion, just easier. And If I passed out, I could go home for the weekend. 🙂

    I choose to do the juicing part of Dr. Christopher’s program because it’s cheaper to do singular juices. After reading up, I decided to choose apple juice – a blend of organic Granny Smiths and Pink Lady’s.

    Day 1: 9:00 AM – Friday.

    First 16 oz. down and good to go. But by 1PM I was hangry. (Here’s where I would advise making enough juice. for the interim hungry. moments) and finished off the remaining 16 oz, of apple juice from the morning with lots of bathroom trips in between.. After that I honestly was not hungry until a little after 7 PM.

    Summary of Day 1: Felt ok, but really hungry.

    “Day 1 Juice Cleanse Summary: Moments of Hangry.” --

    Day 2: 8:50 AM – Saturday. – Woke up with a headache which was my warning that I did not drink enough yesterday. So I started off with 10 ounces of water then proceeded to drink 16 ounces of my fresh batch of apple juice.

    I then headed to my office to work on my blog. By lunch, I was ready for more juice but not ‘hangry’ like yesterday. In some ways I felt better than yesterday. Maybe it was the water, but I felt lighter and had more energy than the day before.

    I was alright until… I turned on the T.V.. All I have to say is Death to Cooking Channel’s Carnival Eats & FN’s Triple D for the thoughts of food dancing in my head. But I made it through. Drank 20 oz of apple juice followed by more water and off to sleep.

    Summary of Day 2: Felt better than first day, not as hungry but… stay away from the T.V. during juice cleanses.

    Day 3: 9:30 AM – Sunday.

    – Crap. On this day I remembered that I had to do two things, make Sunday dinner, and decide If I was going to accept a food-less (on my part.) invite to a Sunday get together.

    Hmm. Dinner had to be done – which meant I was going to have to taste as I went along so instead of cutting it off at midnight like I hoped, I would have to choose sundown. Boooo.

    Aside from having to make dinner Day 3 was a mix of the both days – a little hungry but once I had my juice I was good. I skipped my invite (didn’t want to be tempted.) and officially brought my cleanse to a close at 7PM.

    Summary of Day 3:

    Next time I juice cleanse have a plan in place for family dinners. Overall felt better this day that the other two days.


    I will tell ya, because dinner was Lebanese vegan, you would think a two tablespoons of hummus would be okay after juicing.

    Nope. It wasn’t. It soooo wasn’t. It was painful. It felt like a log was sitting in my gut.

    Annnd it stayed that way for two hours.

    Lesson learned. Ease back into it.


    What I learned: Drinking enough juice and water is imperative to success.
    Ease back into eating with broth then salads, then regular dinners
    Drink more juice
    Stay close to a bathroom on the first day. 😉
    It would be tough to sustain a high-octane exercise routine.

    Benefits: I had a noticeable flatter tummy and on 2nd and third day I felt more energy and less hungry.

    It was cool to take a break from cooking

    Would I do it again? – I would. And I would go for a longer stretch next time. Probably 7 days Because the longer you do it, the more benefits.

    Whew! So there you have it. Folks, my experience with a three-day juice detox/cleanse.
    Have you ever tried this before? Would you do it again? Hit me up on Twitter, or leave a comment below!

    Thanks as always for reading!